Initial Securing

When a property is vacated, the first step that must be taken is an Initial Securing service, which can go from simply changing the entry locks, locking all windows and doors, and maintaining the exterior grounds, to executing evictions and anything needed to secure the asset and avoid costly damages.

Our contractors will perform any required services based on the applicable investor guidelines and/or client requirements. For loan types with no applicable regulatory guidelines, the HUD guidelines will be followed.

We’ll report on the condition of the property and work with you to solve any situation in an effective and prompt manner.

Debris Removal

When people vacate a home, they usually leave a lot of stuff behind. Our debris removal services clean out any interior or exterior debris that can be a potential health or safety hazard that may result in a code violation.

Once your property has gone through foreclosure, we will remove all hazardous and non-hazardous debris as established in the investor guidelines. Any exterior debris will be taken to a licensed dumping facility. Any personal items left in the property will be preserved until the clients provide specific instructions or a personal property eviction is ordered.

Contact Us and learn more about our debris removal services and fees or to discuss your Initial Secure needs.