When you recover an asset and have the necessary legal documentation, we will perform the eviction process following the specific regulations for your type of property.

Our staff is fully trained to deal with this difficult situation with empathy and respect.

Sentinel will complete the eviction process and work closely with you and your attorney to coordinate the lockout date and time and ensure that a crew is present at the time of the lockout. Our team will confirm the pertinent information with the Marshall office in Puerto Rico prior to the scheduled date, and will update you as soon as the eviction has occurred.

Afterwards, you’ll receive a full report of the work performed, including all necessary photo documentation and any special instructions provided by the Marshall. For landlords and investors living outside of Puerto Rico, our services are a reliable and efficient alternative for completing the eviction process.

Our contractors are experienced with the intricacies of completing evictions and well-trained on the importance of following local statutes, which sometimes requires working with a licensed, bonded moving company. We take these orders very seriously, and we strive to not only meet our clients’ needs, but to maintain a professional and helpful demeanor when working with the local law enforcement agents and the homeowner during this difficult time.

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